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Oh No savageamusement515 vs. mele503

I have been trading with savageamusement515 for over a year, and she and I have developed a friendship to where we have lent each other our masters without a blink of an eye.

Over the last months, savageamusement515 has shared with me some of her frustrations with her trade gone awry with mele503. Though I have not traded with mele503, I do feel like a fair enough judge in this matter since I know quite a few of the inside details.

I have made plenty of mistakes both in the trading world and in my personal life. Perhaps it's my age, coupled with having had forgiving traders, but I think that mele503 needs to forgive savageamusement515 and move on. savageamusement515 accidentally recorded on a master tape, and it seems to me that her mistake has been rubbed in her nose long enough.
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