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I want to offer my two cents in this conversation. Don't be put off by bad traders. I originally wrote this bad traders list to slow and hopefully stop bad traders from operating, and I am proud to save that for the most part it was worked wonderfully. But still some will hang around.
The fact is, trading is a gamble. But what have you really gambled? a five disc trade is what $1.00!!! The chances are that its going to be a good trade, and you'll get some sets out of it, that you would have paid $50 for if given the chance. For those rare exceptions where we get ripped off, its only a few dollars in discs.
Persoanlly, i don't worry about it. The odds are well in my favour, and its a gamble i'll take any day to get the shows i want.


p.s: to do a decent trader check, across all the forums, go to a search engine ( and type in their username or e-mail address. It will check all the forums for you and let you know how active that trader is. its the fastest way to do a proper trader check.
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