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I had originally posted a "bad trader" post here- when in fact, I think it was more bad trading circumstances and bad communication.

I try to reserve a bad trader alert for someone who deliberatly scams or is thieving.
Someone who falls into the catagory of those who are decietful by their address or claims of inventory.

I think, under closer analyzing- that the situation that happened between Mele503 and I - was a very bad situation, with so many outside aspects that a lot of judgements and assumptions have been passed, and as well blown out of proportion.

My advice remains in trades, ask, ask, ask. And keep the lines of communication open. Assuming never answers more issues, then a direct question.

I am not above getting overwhelmed, or frustrated. I am not above making mistakes, so for any that were part of this I apologize.
And for the apologies made to me, I accept.

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