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Originally posted by jroxx2002
check out the Email this guy send me because I posted this...

Every heard of Slander...Character defermation> apparently you have not... its a felony... and your email that you are sending out with my name to various people with my address and phone number is over the line, im glad i saved it and i am on the phone right now with the police department in the crystal.. your going to cause yourself more harm then good, believe me.. and by calling me a theif, when i am most certainly not is pressable charges.. that is all i have to say, the rest will be in a prefacia document sent to you.. good day.
Yeah, I'm sure there will be a warrant out for your arrest.

This guy should be more worried that all these people he has screwed will get together and find a way to get him.

He really didn't hide his personal information.
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