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Well here is the end of my story.

As i wrote back in the other post, i sent him $20.00 for one dvd so i could preview the quality. Then i came aware that this guy is a fake from all the post about him. I emailed him and said please send my money back as i did not want to go through with it. He made up some excuses and gave me a fake traking # (just by looking at it, you could tell he hit a bunch of random # and letters HA)

So since i sent him the money via Paypal i filed a claim with them against him. And about 3 hours after the claim was sent He refunded my money. I guess i was lucky.
really if i lost $20 bucks it would have not been a BIG deal... i mean most of you guys on here lost a LOT more.

I would continue to take action against him, if i where you.

also... this is another email he uses -
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