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Of course, you're right! I forgot to tell you that yesterday in 1987, one of the greatest pioneer disc jockey in New York radio was gone, his name was Bob Lewis, better known as "Bob-A-Loo". The following month, Cousin Bruce Morrow (better known as Cousin Brucie) was hosted a tribute to his personal hero on CBS-FM. You should listen to this tribute on this website:

This aircheck was aired on February 14th, of 1987. Featuring appearances by Harry Harrison, Dan Ingram, Joe McCoy, Rick Sklar and Ron Lundy and it includes airchecks of "Bob-A-Loo's" final show from September 13th, 1986 and an aircheck from back in the mid 80's. It's a one of a kind tribute. By the way, there is an aircheck about the tribute from WNEW-FM is at:

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