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Press conference tidbits:

Schedule Overview
- They believe in Castle
- The Forgotten: big opportunity at 10pm with no SVU
- Wednesday: biggest risk and up side... next generation family comedies. Eastwick is perfect ABC.
- Flash Forward: great opportunity
- Supernanny opening Fridays now leading into Ugly Betty to anchor
- Saturday and Sundays remain the same
- Best development ever, good shows also in midseason

- Inside the Box was done very well and will take another look soon. Didn't want to rush it
- No NBC dramas at 10pm means an opportunity.
- Before the strike, Wednesday was also all brand new and started well before losing the momentum cause of the strike
- Scrubs/Ted compatible with each other, but the Wednesday comedies are more family oriented that's why they are not on the Wednesday fall lineup
- Looks like Scrubs is 13 episodes. Braff could be in 6 episodes, not the necessarily the first 6.
- Happy with how DH has done creatively and will go as long as Marc Cherry wants it
- Samantha Who? was a great show but ratings frustrating. Tough bad luck Thursday scheduling due to Obama, Idol. In the Motherhood didn't come out well creatively.
- Flash Forward will be a 4 chapter type thing this season whether it be 13 or 22 episodes. It will be about faith and the characters, like Lost. Season finale ending being pitched this week.
- Big names on the Wednesday shows. Will be marketing this big.
- Lost: this season writing as strong as it has ever day and time set yet for season 6
- ABC shows are huge in DVR ratings, but rerun wise they don't do well, Castle and The Forgotten could help
- No info on Grey's whether Heigl and Knight return. He joked both are signed on, but doesn't mean they will be on. Finale turned out very well.
- Buying shows out of ABC Studios. ABC will always pick up the best available shows.
- Way too much to watch on midseason this year. The Unusuals and Cupid won't be back.
- Surviving Suburbia: will see how it does in summer, option is thru Sept. According to Jim is gone.
- Old Christine is up to CBS, if they cancel it, ABC will pick it up and happy to have it.
- Elizabeth Mitchell will still be on Lost, despite doing V as well.

Clip screening is being done next after a 5 min break.

Upfront presentation at 3pm ET!
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