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Some of you guys might have better insight than I do, so maybe you can help me here. Things I totally don't get about the Rebecca Young case:

1. The suspect in the segment is depicted as a rather unkempt (and intoxicated) white male who had "told a prostitute he killed a black woman." According to Antonio's story, two Hispanic men--one possibly Cuban and the other possibly Mexican--had murdered Rebecca. How do the police figure this guy in? Do they think he physically murdered her, or did he have some other party carry it out? I understand it's just a re-enactment, but the man didn't exactly strike me as someone who typically ordered hits.

2. Why was Antonio not appealed to in Spanish? I think it could probably be safely assumed that his command of the English language wasn't fantastic as he called and reported in Spanish (although he would've had to know enough to understand the conversation between Rebecca and her killers, which is depicted as having been in English). Certainly if he were, by some chance, able to catch the segment, he'd recognize his own phone call to police, but what to do might not be apparent to him--especially if he hadn't really been aware of the show and its pretext, or didn't fully understand the instructions to call.

(Antonio did have a very distinct Cuban accent, and he seemed to use a lot of area-specific slang. I always have a hard time understanding all of his call. I can get the first couple of sentences very clearly, but when he starts on the license plate I get lost until he gets to they started to argue, the girl and him.)

Any thoughts on anything?
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