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Don Larken was a tanned white-haired man of 50 dressed in the deep blue of his uniform. Lilly and Scotty followed him past another officer instructing someone to blow into a breathalyzer before arriving at his desk. “It’s not every day that the brass comes down to see us street grunts. What can we possibly do for you?”

“I wouldn’t exactly call us ‘the brass’; we have a boss too,” insisted Scotty.

The group sat around Don’s white, metal desk. Lilly pulled a photograph out of the file she was carrying. It was of a rusted car door with a black star in the center of a black circle painted on it with the words ‘MACH 3’ painted below that. “Word around the department is you’re the one to ask about this.”

Don took the picture and sneered. “Yeah, I remember this, and I would just as soon never see the damn thing again,”

“It sounds like you had a few run-ins with these guys,” insisted Lilly.

“They may think it’s harmless fun, but street racers like them cause thousands of accidents all over the country every year. Those Black Star bastards were the bane of my existence in the 1980s, especially that one,” Don explained.

“’MACH 3’. What was so special about him?” asked Scotty.

“Maybe that’s what they called him; we called him the ‘wizard’,” Don replied.

“’Wizard’?” asked Lilly.

“I broke up quite a few of their races and made a bunch of arrests, but I just could never catch this one. Furthermore, I don’t know if they were just that loyal to each other, or if they were afraid of him, but I couldn’t get anyone to flip on him either,” Don explained. “After a while, he started to get into everyone’s heads. I don’t know what it was, but it was like he was always a step ahead of us …”
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