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In my eyes the reason why Disney+ seems to be struggling is because a lot of people don't want to pay the expensive price that Disney+ is going for yet they started offering it for free at the Disney resort hotels to each guest who stays there. But another thing I noticed about Disney+ that might not be worth it for some people is you can rarely watch a whole movie or cartoon without it having glitches and I noticed this when I was trying to watch Frozen II and I was about to see the end when Disney+ had a glitch and I can't figure it out. Second Disney+ needs to improve it's cartoon lineup because out of all the good Disney cartoons they have besides Elena Of Avalor the new reboot of Ducktales and Phineas And Ferb they need to add The Adventures Of The Gummi Bears The Wuzzles and the Aladdin cartoon series. But if Disney could adjust the price for Disney+ it would improve itself even better and more people could subscribe to it even more
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