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Tara Calico is known by most people as a possible match for a tied-up girl in a Polaroid left in a parking lot in the 80s. She went missing on Sept 20, 1988, last seen taking a bike ride along a state road. Pieces of her Walkman and a cassette tape were found on her usual route. /u/kittykatinthehat made a case write-up here.

What most people overlook are the case docs in the public record. I'm attempting to summarize them here and separate the wheat from the chaff since it's a lot of content and 'this person said this thing in an interview'.

Dying man Henry Brown requested an interview with Deputy Frank Methola that is detailed in the case docs (date not included, but I assume it had been many years after her disappearance). Brown stated that he hung out with some troublemaking teens, one of them Lawrence Romero Jr., son of the Sheriff Lawrence Romero Sr. LR Jr. dealt drugs and was also interested in Tara but she was dating another guy, Jeff Abeyta, who also happened to sell drugs.

Brown was partying with LR Jr. and his buddies at LR Jr.'s trailer, specifically the makeshift basement under it. Part of the party talk included LR Jr. and friends talking about how they hit Tara with their truck, then raped and killed her. They hid her body in bushes, and when the search intensified, moved her under a tarp in the makeshift basement and then later to a pond. A man named Donald Dutcher also came forward in late 2013 to say one of the suspects confessed to him.

The problem with the investigation? Well, first off, one of the prime suspects was the son of the Sheriff. Second of all, speculation that Deputy Sheriff (later Sheriff) Rene Rivera was a dirty cop who had their backs. Thirdly? All of the suspects are now deceased. LR Jr. either committed suicide or played a game of Russian Roulette (depending on who you ask) in 1991 and supposedly left a note confessing, which was not entered into evidence by Deputy Rivera. The docs are vague on who the other suspects are so I'm not going to name names (although there are plenty!).

tl;dr Most likely scenario: Tara was deliberately run over by some druggies, one of whom was the Sheriff's son, and all the suspects are deceased so no confessions will be forthcoming, although there is a rumoured suicide note that was covered up by the Deputy Sheriff.

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