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Although Granny made no secret of hating the Hills of Beverly while being homesick for the Ozarks and COULD have easily stayed on her own in their original homestead, no way would she have let her late daughter's only daughter Elly May go out there on her own 'unchaperoned' with only Jed and Jethro for company- especially while Elly May was still 'unhitched'. Yes,Elly May stayed a tomboy who never had any more interest in the opposite gender other than to vaguely flirt- or rassle them if they misbehaved but Granny wasn't about to chance her not landing a husband and somehow felt her granddaughter had MORE chance of doing so with HER around than left to her own devises! I'll grant what was a cute quirk on Elly May's part in the beginning when had had no exposure to the outside world became somewhat a tired cliche at the end of nine years when she no longer could pass for ' just turned fourteen' but I think that was the main reason Granny agreed to go with the rest of them. Oh, and if not for Elly May's existence, there'd have been no ropes or chains strong enough to keep Granny there against her will!
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