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Yeah I honestly dunno why they didn't just leave Granny at the cabin if that's where she wanted to stay, she seemed more than able to live on her own.

HOWEVER, Jed may have been considering things like, in the winter time, if Granny got snowed in and got hurt, broke her leg or something she would have sorta just been strained there in the middle of nowhere....I think they said the nearest neighbor was 8 miles away ~of course it depends on the episode, in later episodes, they talked as though they had near-by neighbors~

But yeah in many ways I didn't like their treatment of Granny, how Jed treated her like a child in many ways. I never liked it when he would have Jethro carry her, it just seemed undignified.... I mean Jed would NOT have liked it if someone carried HIM around like a child. AND didn't like it when they would tie Granny up or lock her in her real life you could face criminal charges for something like that.

HOWEVER I realize it's just a funny show, but looking at it as if it were true life......

Granny is usually regarded as the "toughest" of the clan, but if you think about it, she really had the LEAST amount of freedom than any of them. I mean if Jethro or Elly didn't want to participate in something I highly doubt they would be carried and FORCED to like what happened with Granny.
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