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I have been saying this for years, but WHY ON EARTH did Jim Boumgarten have to go on UM to find out who this supposed doppelgänger was? If he was running into townspeople who are confusing him with this other guy, couldn't he have simply asked one of them who the other man was? He doesn't ask any questions of the people who could give him the information he is seeking, yet he wastes UM's time asking the same questions he could easily ask his townspeople.

I also agree with the previous poster about the WW2 soldier who met his twin at the train station and then lost his info. We are either to believe that they never exchanged full names (pretty unlikely), or that they did and the soldier forgot his twin's full name within a matter of minutes (even more unlikely). This story seems very fake to me and it would be a real shame if UM sacrificed an unsolved murder or missing person story to air this drivel.
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