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Originally Posted by alistaircranium View Post
THANK YOU! I'm glad you said it. It's hard to keep my cool when dealing with arrogant, delusional Americans who think their country is the centre of the universe.
Please don't judge us all that way.

As a yank myself, I welcome our UK/Aussie/SA/Scandinavian and other English speaking brothers. Everyone else is welcome too, although because I am a lazy American, they will have to speak English since I cannot speak their language.

I would be perfectly fine with a new UM show covering foreign mysteries, especially those from English speaking nations. I say that because I can culturally relate to places like the UK since we're not that far removed from them. I would have a harder time relating to, say, a mystery in India or Mongolia. (I am speaking strictly of true crime mysteries).

I guess I could enjoy mysteries from France or Germany. They are culturally close to us, but there is that language barrier (French are much like us Yanks and think the world revolves around them. They only know French and aren't keen on learning English especially).

The original UM did cover a few foreign mysteries, but they were mainly in the supernatural/UFO/Nazi gold/lost treasure realm. I would enjoy some good true crime stories from abroad as well. I know there's some good ones out there worthy of coverage.
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