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Originally Posted by SP4CE INV4DERZ
What's sad, disturbing and often overlooked about this case is that Russell was only a 12 year old boy. No matter what happened, why has a 12 year old kid been killed. I wonder what he was doing out by himself at that time and alone?
I think Russell probably mostly had a good head on his shoulders and had earned quite a bit of trust from his parents. His dad talked about how Russell had already talked about plans to attend college and be an engineer. So, I think that it was mostly a situation of him having earned the trust of his parents to be out late.

In addition, Spokane, WA is a fairly small city. It's currently around 200,000 people. As a parent in a similar sized city, I wouldn't be too worried about letting a responsible 13-year old hang out with their friends without much supervision. Maybe not quite that late at night, but parents were just more lax in the 80s.
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