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Similar case:

On August 21, 1991 in Fayette County, Indiana Jason Bolton and his friend Tim ďTinyĒ Pursifull Jr had been hanging out. The official story from the police is that Jason and his friend were drinking illegally as both were under age. The teens then decided to go visit Boltonís father but along the way they became groggy and laid down in the middle of the street. Soon after a man named Duane Grim was driving down the road and saw Pursifullís body which caused him to swerve his car. This ended with Grim accidentally running over Bolton, who suffered crushed his ribs and a fractured skull. Jason died at the scene.

Boltonís family found much of this story to ring untrue. For one, Bolton was estranged from his father and barely knew the man, if at all. Secondly, the family started to receive anonymous letters that stated that Jason was actually killed by a group of four people, one of whom was a police officer. Bolton had been tortured and castrated. While Bolton lay dying, bleeding out from his groin wounds, it was determined that a cover-up was needed. The group then prepared a plan and an accident was staged. There were apparently multiple witnesses to the assault but these people are fearful of retribution and refuse to come forward even after nearly twenty-five years have come to pass since the murder.

Jasonís family is actively trying to have his body exhumed in order to check for DNA and other evidence. They run a website to try and help their plight at
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