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Originally Posted by Hot Jock
The thing is, the bomber went dark for over a decade after the initial package was sent. Then bam! Four of them in a three year period. Then nothing else ever again. I seriously doubt it was Joan Kipp's husband. In fact, I don't think it was anybody close to her at all. I truly believe all of these attacks were just flat out random. The only connection the victims had was that they all lived in NYC, but so do nearly 10 million other people. There was absolutely nothing else connecting them in any way.
According to this, there actually was something connecting the intended victims: all the victims had links to civil service or the military. All the victims were in the NYC area, and the gap in bombings can easily be explained:

Cops working on an unrelated case in 1983 stumbled on a hollowed-out book and bomb-making equipment on the kitchen table in the apartment of [Steve] Wavra and his pal. Wavra said his roommate "had no knowledge of what I was doing with it, and I did not tell anyone. I was using it, or was yet to use it, in another crime, not through the mail, but on a U.S. military base."
Wavra admits he was building a book bomb to use on a military base in 1983. This explains the gap in bombings after 1982: Wavra had been caught red-handed in 1983. Wavra being the bomber would also explain why there were no more bombings after the mid-1990s: he was in federal prison.
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