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Originally Posted by cdr369
rosabud, do you know when his sister may have died? And was there oen or two other sisters?

The reason I am asking is because I believed there were two sisters. I had read once that his oldest sister died tragically at a house party. But in a different forum, I have seen someone post claiming to be his younger sister. The younger sister even claimed the authenticity to Brian's earlier post ( ) .

I guess the reason why I question this is because "Brian" has also posted about Russ's death in these forums. Being the internet, it would make one wonder whether or not Brian was posting as being another sister of Russ's, to validate whatever claim he may have had.
Russell'a father John died in 1998 and his mother Susan died in 2011. In her obituary, it only mentioned she had 2 children, Russell and Dianna, so there's only one surviving sister and not two. She is still living. I didn't know about the alleged "Brian" posting here, but it could be a cruel hoax if it turns out the account is fake.
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