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Default 30 years ago this fall; Happy Days began its 11th and Final Season

Hey guys,

30 years ago this fall

Happy Days returned for its record setting 11th and Final Season on abc

Henry Winkler was back as The Fonz, Marion Ross and the late Tom Bosley were back as Marion and Howard Cunningham, also returning were Scott Baio and Erin Moran as Chachi Arcola and Joanie Cunningham, Anson Williams as Warren "Potsie" Weber and Ted McGinley of Married...with Children Fame as Roger Phillips

For the show's 11th and final season, the theme was rerecorded in a more modern style. It featured Bobby Arvon on lead vocals, with several back-up vocalists. To accompany this new version, new opening credits were filmed, and the flashing Happy Days logo was reanimated to create an overall "new" feel which incorporated 1980s sensibilities with 1950s nostalgia (although by this time the show was set in 1965).

Here are some more notes:

Scott Baio and Erin Moran returned to join the cast for the final season, while Cathy Silvers was removed from the cast due to her character leaving the show, although she returned for the finale.

Linda Purl's character, Ashley Pfister, was written out of the show (along with her daughter) because the show had to cut back on its number of extras.
Henry Winkler, Marion Ross, Scott Baio, and Tom Bosley appeared in all episodes.

Erin Moran was absent for two episodes.

Ted McGinley was absent for eight episodes.

Anson Williams was absent for sixteen episodes. Williams actually quit sometime in 1983, although he managed to complete some of the final season's episodes before his departure.

Recurring cast members and characters include Pat Morita as Arnold, Kevin Sullivan as Tommy, and Harris Kal as Bobby.

and now, here's the opening and closing to the 11th and Final Season of abc's longest running sitcom

Happy Days

Check'em out!

11th Season Opening

The Final Scene of Happy Days

11th Season Closing
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