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I just watched this for the first time in many years and it was really like a new story for me. I didn't remember much about the case. At any rate, as Joe Friday says, let's just have the facts, ma'am. Let's just cut through speculation and start with what we know for sure. The way I see it, there are only a couple of indisputable facts here.

Fact 1) We know that there was no trauma to the body -- he was not shot, stabbed, beaten or strangled. As the coroner said, it's a matter of exclusion -- you rule out all possibilities and you're left with what you've got, and in this case what you've got is an undetermined death. Therefore, you start with the body and work backwards, and the body itself does not show any signs of obvious murder (the only possibility for murder would be chemical in nature).

My thoughts: An undetermined death of a 17 year old means only one of two things: a drug overdose or some sort of latent illness that no one was aware of. A drug overdose can probably be ruled out, as I am sure the coroner checked for drugs and alcohol. He didn't mention what his findings of drugs were, but he did say there was not enough alcohol present to have killed him. That leaves us with an unknown illness. I know people who have died as teenagers from aneurysms and other rare stuff. You hear about college athletes dying after practice from undiagnosed heart conditions, etc. I am not a doctor, so I am not sure how difficult it would be for a coroner to find such abnormal causes of death in an autopsy. I do know that sometimes young, healthy people do just die for no apparent or obvious reason. Watch "Dr. G" sometime.

Fact 2) It is pretty certain Kurt was at that party (as the renter of the apartment later admitted after having lied first). Other people at the party also admitted he was there. Therefore, the only question that remains is what happened between the party and the time he was found.

My thoughts: I think there is a shred of truth to the guy's story about Kurt being disoriented and going outside for air. Think about it, if the story were a lie, why would the guy even come forward at all? He didn't have to give the Sova's any information. If Sova was that disoriented or in a panic, it's very possible he may have wondered off during the time the guy went inside to get the jacket. Such behavior could very possibly be due to a hallucinogenic drug. I know because I have been there.

Fact 3) The fact that the woman who was renting the duplex initially lied about Kurt being there obviously means that something was amiss at the party. There's not much doubt about that. However, it should be stressed that what exactly she was scared of is not certain.

My thoughts: I am inclined to believe the apartment owner (Susan) was simply nervous about maybe getting in trouble for the drug use that was going on. This would explain why she first lied about the party and then later admitted it after she realized Mrs. Sova was only looking for her son.

Now for the mysteries of this case:

Mystery #1: The coroner said that Kurt had been dead for 24-36 hours. This doesn't fit in with the timeline of the party at all.

My explanation: Kurt was very ill and the party goers decided to let him stay there for a day or two. They likely didn't call an ambulance for fear of being implicated due to the drug usage that had occurred.

Mystery #2: Who was the person sleeping in the basement and why did Susan think it was Kurt?

My explanation: I think this mystery is easily explainable; the person was indeed Kurt and Susan wanted to make it sound as if she wasn't aware Kurt had been hanging around after the party so that she could clear herself of any wrong-doing or negligence. So she calls the Sova's and says "OMG, someone is in my basement, come quick, it might be Kurt." Basically, it was an alibi.

Mystery #3: The guy in the record store said that "Kurt will be dead and no one will know what happened to him." Who was this guy and why did he say that?

My explanation: I think this mystery is easily explainable too. The guy was probably at the party and witnessed the state that Kurt was in. He probably knew the people at the apartment were dumbfounded as to what was wrong with him. Everyone feared he might die and that no one would know what had happened. So basically the guy wasn't being menacing, he was merely stating fact: "no one knows what happened to him."

Mystery #4: Who was "Franco" that Kurt was seen getting into the van with?

My explanation: I think either the witness was mistaken or it was Kurt and he had been on a several day drug binge while staying at the apartment. Perhaps he had sobered up before he got into the van and only later got ill after using drugs again. I tend to think the witness was mistaken, though.

Mystery #5: If Kurt died accidentally why was his body put in the ravine and why was his shoe missing, etc?

My explanation: the people at Susan's apartment freaked out and simply put him there. It's possible he even died on the cot in the basement. They didn't call police or an ambulance because they feared being implicated. Perhaps some of them were drug dealers.

My conclusion:

Kurt went to that party, ended up doing some drugs and had an extremely bad reaction. Perhaps the alcohol mixed with the drugs were a bad combination. Perhaps he was doing some pills (like a benzo such as valium, atavan, xanax, etc.) and mixed it with alcohol. This can be a deadly combination. I know a girl who was 22, never done drugs, and who died after doing one hit of ecstasy. This stuff happens. Look at Brittany Murphy and Heath Ledger as examples of how easy it is to die from cocktails of various drugs.

Another possibility (since I'm sure the coroner checked for drugs) is that Kurt simply came down with an unknown illness -- an aneurysm or what have you. Maybe an undiagnosed congenital heart condition. You get the idea.

So after Kurt had his reaction and/or illness, the people at the apartment kept him there and let him sleep on the cot in the basement. After a day or two passed they became worried and were dumbfounded as to what was wrong with him. However, they were nervous about calling the police for obvious reasons. So, after a couple of days, they find him dead and decide it's better to dump the body. Sometime thereafter Susan calls the Sova's and tries to make it sound as if she wasn't even aware Kurt had been staying in her basement (just in case the Police were able to tie Kurt to the party). The fact that a friend said he saw Kurt in a bad state at the party (clinging to a fence) fortifies this theory in my mind.

Bottom line: this was an accidental death and someone freaked and dumped his body. The fact that there was no trauma to the body makes murder extremely unlikely.
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