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This case has always fascinated me as well and I think there must be many details that UM left out.

As other posters have mentioned, I, too, have always been puzzled why the girls would be up at 3AM – or that Anthonette would go to the door and ask who was there. Everyone is different, but if I heard the door knocking at 3AM at age 9, I would no way in hell go to answer it by myself (hell, even now I’d be terrified); I would run to my mom’s room, wake her up, and tell her that someone is at the door. Why didn’t the knock/voices wake up Penny? I guess she might be a heavy sleeper, but it seems odd. If their house looked anything like the reenactment house, it wasn't that big. Not that I suspect her as having anything to do with her daughter’s disappearance; she seemed very heartbroken and desperate to find Anthonette. The lip licking? Maybe she just has dry lips. LOL. But seriously, I never suspected her. Why would she go to that clairvoyant lady? Unless they were in cahoots or something, wouldn’t Penny be afraid that the clairvoyant would find her out? I guess that all depends on if you believe in psychics, but there’s always a chance. That’s why I don’t see Penny as being so willing to go to the clairvoyant if she were a guilty person herself.

The poster who stated that he/she was a friend to Anthonette and that there was a party the night she disappeared sheds a bit more light on things, though. Maybe the party ran late and that’s why the girls were still up. They assumed the door knocker was a partier/family member who had possibly forgotten something at their house and this eliminated some of their fear. Why didn’t UM mention the party, though? What reason would there be to leave that detail out? This may seem "out there", but Penny may have gotten hammered at the party and that explains her “dead to the world” slumber that night!

The sex slave/prostitution theory seems the most likely to me. I really can’t think of another motive….. unless someone had a vendetta against the Cayedito family that UM didn’t mention, and they kidnapped Anthonette for revenge.
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