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This was the FUNNIEST show I've ever watched!

Sledge was Dirty Harry/Maxwell Smart/Inspector Clouseau all rolled into one man. Lots of sight gags you had to pay attention for (ala Airplane! or Police Squad!)

This show never had a chance though. The first season, they sandwiched him in the Friday timeslot against powerhouses Dallas & Miami Vice (which became fodder for a punch line in one episode). When it was surprisingly renewed for a second season (which left the writers having to explain their cliffhanger - Sledge accidentally nuked the entire city in the season finale), the reward was the timeslot opposite number-one rated COSBY! (Sledge, you are the weakest link, goodbye!)

The Charmings (ABC) - the other guinea pig in ABCs counterprogramming against Cosby/ Family Ties that year.

Empire (CBS) - A Dallas/Dynasty type parody which starred Patrick Macnee (The Avengers) & Richard Mazur (One Day AT A Time). I only saw one episode, but it was hilarious! I went to tune in the following week, but it was gone for good.
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