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Default Re: September 10, 2000 - The Greatest Day In the History of Broadway!!

Originally posted by Steve M.
On this day in 2000, September 10, the horrid musical Cats closed on Broadway.

The long-awaited day capped the longest run of any musical in Broadway history - - but at least we'd be rid of it now and forever.

And so now, let us bash Cats!
That was sad. "Cats" has been in its initial Broadway run for 18 years. I love the song from the show "Memory". I like the Barbra Streisand's version better. I forgot to go back to yesterday, it was on that date, September 9th, 1974, George Michael, the DJ (not George Michael, the singer) came to WABC in New York City replacing Cousin Brucie. Here is an audio portion of George Michael's 1st Show.

NOTE: Aircheck is scoped (not unscoped). The aircheck starts with the last minutes of Johnny Donovan fills in for Dan Ingram including Dan's closing music "Tri-Fi Drums" by Billy May & his Orchestra.

(Aircheck courtesy of
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