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What I'm about to post applies to British sitcoms in general regarding why so few episodes are made when compared to American sitcoms:
  • Risk management. Drama series are expensive and first seasons are usually shorter to not spend large portions of the commissioning budget into one project that then might underperform. You see the same logic in US cable.
  • availability of key talent, also UK projects are mostly written by one or two writers. Not only for artistic and voice of writer reason, mainly because writers rooms are expensive and UK budgets are smaller. This goes for the rest of the world in general.
  • more variety and diversity in programming. One time slot can host up two 8 different series over a year. Which is important for BBC and C4 since they are publicly funded via TV fees and have certain commissioning guidelines fostering creativity, diversity in programming and suppliers. US studios are vertically integrated and most programming fare on networks come from their own studios with their own production labels, writers, show runners even talent.
  • different industry economics. The UK has no domestic syndication market like the US, so cost recoupment in first exploitation windows is more important.
  • smaller global footprint than US. Arguably the UK is the second biggest exporter when it comes to quality and quantity but there is a big gap between UK and US.
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