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I discovered Fawlty Towers overseas. I never heard of the show and was amazed at it the first time I saw it, with John Cleese as my favorite Python and he is brilliant here. My favorite is the Kipper and the Corpse. Watched that one numerous times. I had two DVDs of the show and basically broke one and wore out the other.

Maybe somebody could say if this is true, but I have read that John Cleese had an anger problem as a younger man, who would go into fits of rage, screaming and going nuts. Some very comedic scenes are done in anger. Supposedly, he went to a psychiatrist who helped him from his problems, but he has had, what three or four wives now, and they all leave him. Say what you will, but Basil stayed married.

I do not much about British TV, but it seems that they did not put out as many episodes of a TV show per year (if a TV season is a series in the UK, what do English call an American series?)

America has failed several times try to do a similar Fawlty Towers series. On YouTube, you can watch Bea Arthur in Amanda's (which could have been good but wasn't) and the horrible John Larroquette (and I usually love him) show Payne. Just painful.
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