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Originally Posted by dynoguy88 View Post
Very doubtful.

Gary Schara would have been around 19 years old in 1989, when the Boston rapist was doing his thing. The rapist was described as shorter, middle aged, balding with a pot belly. The composite of him looks like a middle aged version of Bobby from 'King of the Hill.'

Meanwhile, Gary Schara was the tall, dark and handsome type who had no problem getting attention from the ladies for years both before and after killing Lisa.

The two descriptions don't match up at all.
I thought the rapist was described as in his 30's, which I didn't put total credence into because scared witnesses often misjudged people's age. People thought EAR was younger than he was.

Also, I've only seen a head shot of Schara and didn't really know how tall he was. He just looked like he might be heavy set to me but I didnt really know.

Its a long shot I know. But given the time, proximity and MO I thought it eas at least worth mentioning.

I think what throws people off about the Boston Rapist is the actor in the reenactment looked so much different than the sketch.
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