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Default Lisa Ziegert's killer also the Boston Mall Rapist?

With the recent arrest of Gary Shara for Lisa Ziegert's murder, after making a couple of interesting connections I couldn't help but wonder if he might be connected to the rapes.

Just some food for thought:

- Boston Mall rapes were in late 1989 and 1990, and abruptly stopped. Lisa Ziegert's murder was in 1992 in Agawam Massachusetts, only two years later and 90 miles away.

- Both Lisa Ziegert and the Boston Mall rape victims were both targeted in retail settings, although one was a doctor's office.

- Rapists often graduate to murder.

I don't know if Shara matches the description of the Boston Mall Rapist, but given these parallels can't help but wonder. Seems though they would have matched his DNA by now, but not necessarily. It took years to connect all of golden state killer's crimes.

I thought it was interesting enough possibility to post however slim odds what do you all think?
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