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Originally Posted by Lorimar Television View Post
Also the reason my namesake production company went belly up
Sorry to hear that, Lorsie!

But, on a happier note, Valerie says the main people involved in that get along now.

Oh that's right, SM was on S-b-S. I remember Cody, "duuuude", lol.

Originally Posted by RetroGuy2000
I think it only rocked Hollywood because Valerie took the case public. To some extent, Suzanne Somers may have been a trailblazer, too.
Suzanne was, yes, but regarding Valerie, it rocked Hollywood because it was the first time a seemingly untouchable star ("They can't fire me, I'm the show's title!") on an eponymous series was fired from their own show.

Originally Posted by Lorimar Television
Ironically both worked on Lorimar shows
Oh Lorimar, you troublemaker, you!

Originally Posted by RetroGuy2000
Suzanne had been reduced to doing Thighmasters commercials. I'm sure she welcomed a Lorimar Television paycheck.
"reduced"? I see what you mean, but, since being banished from TC, that woman has done nothing but roll in dough --- and I ain't talkin' the kind of dough at Edna's Edibles! It's amazing how rich that gadget and all of her books and money-handling have made her (I wouldn't mind being able to call her "Aunt Suzanne", haha).
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