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Originally Posted by '80sSitcoms View Post
Haha! "40 years old and 1 night", lol.

(also: who's "Sasha Mitchell"? And as a Disney fan, I loved Hayley Mills in a few of her classic Disney films!)
Lorimar, above, explains who Sasha Mitchell is. He became the break-out star on Step By Step.

Hayley Mills' Disney films are wonderful. I'm sure Disney execs were hoping to re-capture that magic on GMMB.

Maybe not just Valerie, but she was definitely the case that started it all (at least, at her level [i.e., not Chuck Cunningham] ). The one that shocked all of Hollywood (well, maybe that's a bit dramatic, but you get it, lol).
I think it only rocked Hollywood because Valerie took the case public. Prior to that, when TV stars got fired, they just vanished. To some extent, Suzanne Somers may have been a trailblazer, too. They didn't stay silent when they got axed.

Also, fun fact, if you care : I'm reading the scripts in production order!
I care, and that's awesome!
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