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Originally Posted by '80sSitcoms View Post
Haha! "40 years old and 1 night", lol.

(also: who's "Sasha Mitchell"? And as a Disney fan, I loved Hayley Mills in a few of her classic Disney films!)

Maybe not just Valerie, but she was definitely the case that started it all (at least, at her level [i.e., not Chuck Cunningham] ). The one that shocked all of Hollywood (well, maybe that's a bit dramatic, but you get it, lol).

Also, fun fact, if you care : I'm reading the scripts in production order!
He played Cody on Step by Step with Patrick Duffy and Suzanne Somers. He was introduced as the cousin in episode 4 and promoted to regular by episode 6. He stayed until season 5 when he was arrested under domestic abuse charges. Turns out he was protecting his kids from his alcoholic wife. He won custody and got to appear in the second to last episode of the series.
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