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I do not really have much to say this time around. You may recall me saying a few episodes back that there are some episodes that I am more proud of than others. I wanted to be proud of this episode. This idea sounded so much better in my head than in actual execution. It wound up being another case of throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what stuck. I would like to think an actual undercover operation would have been a little more organized than this.

I am a big computer gamer, and, if nothing else, I hope this serves as a lesson to the creators at "Need for Speed", "Grand Tourismo", "Forza", "The Crew", and other game franchises. STOP TRYING TO GIVE RACING GAMES A STORY! Convoluted, blown up messes like this are what happens when you try to give street racing a story!

I guess I can do some notes about the music. First off, I messed up one of the songs again, though it was not quite as bad in this case. Frida's "I Know There's Something Going On" was released in 1982. This is outside of my two year range, but at least it was in the earlier direction this time as opposed to the later direction which happened in a few previous episodes. For my bookend songs, I went with Motley Crue's "Kickstart My Heart" because it was a pure adrenaline rush. The term kickstart might be more applicable to motorcycles than cars, but this seemed like a good adrenaline rush to start off an episode about street racers. I went with Bon Jovi's "Blaze of Glory" at the end because Chuck was effectively an outlaw and that last race was his last stand.

This took longer than I thought it would, but there it is. You are now officially caught up.
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