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Cool Original Music on Happy Days Season 2

Hey Happy Days fans it's been a long time i had to create another account but I have something that you all need to see I was on YouTube and I don't know who found these episodes but on Happy Days season 2 all of the music which isn't heard on the DVD is all intact I'll gladly post up the episodes starting with Richie Moves Out

Please go on YouTube and type in the YouTube search these episodes with all of the original music from season 2 and the original ABC episode

1 Happy Days S02E2 Richie Car
2 Happy Days S02E04 You Go To My Head
3 Happy Days S02E 21 Richie Flip Side
4 Happy Days S02E22 Kiss me Sickly
5 Happy Days SO2E9 Big Money
6 Happy Days -# 123(S6E) The Claw Meets The Fonz
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