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Lilly and Scotty met Carmen outside of the Essington Avenue Honda dealer. “Detectives. Whatever you need, make it fast. I’m on a lunch break.”

“We just thought we would tell you that we think we know what happened to Chuck,” Scotty explained.

“It turns out the crew was right to paranoid. Somebody was working them from the inside,” Lilly added.

Carmen froze. “There was a cop in the crew?”

“Not quite. It turns out that the bullet recovered from Chuck’s tire matched a 10mm handgun; that’s never been a standard police weapon. But as it turns out, in 1989 it had just become the standard issue weapon for FBI agents,” Lilly explained.

Scotty pulled a photograph from the file he was carrying. It was of the Rickon license. “Do you recognize that name?” Carmen shook her head.
“That’s surprising since it’s practically your name.”

Lilly started reading a report from her phone. “’March 10, 1988: FBI office in Philadelphia agrees to sign off on a deep cover operation to investigate a group of underground street racers known as the Black Star Racers. The goal of this operation is to examine any alleged connections between the Black Star Racers and the crystal methamphetamine trafficking network of reputed Mexican drug lord Filipe Marquez. The agent selected to be placed in the field: Andrea Recona.’, and there’s a note written next to that name that says ‘Risky.’ But I am more interested in this photograph they have on record for her.” She turned a page in the file revealing Carmen’s picture. “Look familiar?”

“You’re Andrea Recona, otherwise known as Andy. Carmen the mechanic; I have to admit, that was clever. I wish I could have done something like that,” Scotty added.


“For what it’s worth I’m the last person who should judge. I worked undercover for narcotics once. It was a simple enough smuggling operation until I got a little too close to one of the girls who was muling for the crew. Due to my mistakes and a few things outside of my control; she was eventually killed,” Scotty informed. “It can be a seductive world when you’re under cover. Sometimes, it’s hard to remember whose side you’re really on?”

“That would explain why you left the bureau in 1990,” Lilly added.

Andrea sighed. “Too many of the racers were getting busted for possession, and nobody was flipping. Marquez got spooked and stopped using them. Soon there was no more crew, and no more operation. What are you going to do?”

“As someone who has been in your shoes, I don’t want to do anything. But Chuck’s death didn’t just affect you,” Scotty insisted.

“He had family back in New Jersey, Andrea. One of them came forward, his brother. It seems they used to race together, and he’s spent the last 23 years thinking that Chuck abandoned him for the big city. He deserves some answers,” Lilly added.

“We also know you weren’t the only one involved in this. We have others in custody for the death of Chuck Weisman. If you testify against them, we might be able to help you with the FBI,” Scotty explained.

Andrea shook her head. “That would be ironic, wouldn’t it?”

“How is that?”

“I promised the same thing to Chuck. You said you worked in narcotics; then you know how narcotics works. It’s not enough to bust the junkies and the dealers; the cartel just replaces them. You have to get the suppliers, the people who supply them, the people who supply them, and the people who supply them going higher and higher up in the food chain before you can even get close to the top man. You have one body? I had hundreds of mangled, charred, mutilated, decapitated corpses! There’s a reason why they call Felipe Marquez ‘the butcher of Juarez’, and he’s still out there!

“We couldn’t get anyone to flip on the supplier for over a year; that’s why I took a calculated risk and told Chuck who I was. I thought we could help each other,” Andrea explained.

“Because you didn’t have to flip him,” Lilly added.

“He didn’t want anything to do with the meth; he just liked to race. I didn’t know how he would react when I told him that he would have to give that up once in witness protection,” Andrea informed. “My supervisor and I came up with a plan to save him. But ‘Torch’ had a plan too.”

“Danny Evans?” Lilly asked.

“The race that night was his idea, and I thought I could control the situation. But Danny had other tricks up his sleeve, and I had to make a tough choice…”
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