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Originally posted by FonzForever

First off, The Fonz doesn't travel with cheating nerds.
Speaking of that particular nerd, just tell him there's no one you love like red. Let him know you could never give him all your love and that just wouldn't be fair. Ya see, this way he'll he won't feel so bad. No guy, wants a chick, when that chick tells him, she's in love in another guy. Guys want to be numero uno, if you catch my drift. Right thing to do? One guy is totally devoted to you and the other....the other is hopping on planes, flyling across this great country to be with every fluzy he get get! Whoaaaaaa.... Not much of a decision ,IF you ask The Fonz, WHICH you did.
Thank you Fonzie!! Conan....*gasp* a nerd? Oh, say it isnt so, Fonzie!
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