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Originally Posted by TheCars1986 View Post
Am I the only one who likes the concept of one case per episode? That way UM cannot afford to cut additional information out of cases to fit a 12 minute time frame. The more information presented, the better. Also excited that the guys behind Stranger Things are producing this. I definitely think this will be a cool throwback to the original version with Stack.
No, I like it too. I love the original series. Everything about it; production values, the 16mm film, score, format, host, and so on and so on. But it's not 1992 anymore. Streaming is the medium now. A reboot of UM which does not feed into the binge/share paradigm is guaranteed to fail, and would likely not have made it out of development. I am overjoyed that CMP appears to understand this, because it's a sign they're serious about doing this show right and collaborating with the Netflix people to bring the show into the new era.

I think a single segment (the mentioned 20-30 minute running length) format with the heart and soul of UM brought into a modern production and promotion pipeline could be a wonderful thing.
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