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David Cross apologizes to Jessica Walter, brings up her yelling at somebody on set while also offering details on Jeffrey Tambor's outburst
In a lengthy interview today with Gothamist, Cross recalled how his wife, actress Amber Tamblyn, urged him to avoid Twitter last night following the furor yesterday over The New York Times sitdown with the Arrested Development cast. "I will unequivocally apologize to Jessica," he said of his behavior during the interview. "I'm sorry that we behaved the way we behaved. Whatever the criticisms are, I will own up." But Cross also brought up that Walter had her own outburst on set, one that wasn't as bad as Tambor's outburst. "But to Jessica's credit, she felt bad, she apologized," he said. "Portia (di Rossi) wasn't around, so there was a stand-in for her for months and months and months, and there was this incident, but it didn't have the same kind of feeling that Jeffrey's did. Jeffrey's took a lot of the focus. And again, I don't condone that behavior when anybody does it. And that's with crewmembers as well. There's just no excuse." He also offered some detail of Tambor's outburst: "It was shocking, uncomfortable," he said. "Nobody felt good about it. Nobody was gleeful about it. And it's really unfortunate that it did happen. Outside of the extreme nature of the yelling and dressing down in front of the rest of the cast and crew, I think everyone else as well understood the frustration." Cross added that Tambor "made a big mea culpa to the cast and the crew, but the damage was done. Again, that didn't come out of nowhere, he's not American Psycho or whatever. I think Jason (Bateman) pointed this out, but we didn't know about the Transparent stuff, I hadn't seen that behavior ever from him in 15 years. I have now. And that goes into the pile of what I know about Jeffrey. But up until that point I'd never seen that." Finally, Cross was asked if this controversy will affect how Season 5 is received. "Oh yes, without a doubt. At least initially," he said.

David Cross "storms off" in awkward Stephen Colbert interview
Cross and Colbert, who worked together on The Dana Carvey Show, had a fight and made up in their awkward interview.
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