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Default The CW's All American seems more like a commercial for a show than an actual show its


On The fish-out-of-water teen CW drama, based on the real-life football player Spencer Paysinger, "thereís no spark here, no big moment and most egregiously, no authenticity," says Margaret Lyons. "Thereís a flat phoniness to all the behavior, and a patness to everything." She adds: "Friday Night Lights isnít really about football; itís about American manhood. All American isnít really about football either; in the three episodes made available for review, itís poking around ideas about race and occasionally class. Spencer endures both overt racist taunts and not-so-micro micro aggressions, and in the third episode he and Jordan face police harassment. Still, the stories feel stale and have been told far better elsewhere. In addition to its fish-out-of-water tale and football saga, All American also includes a family-secrets dimension. Thereís nothing wrong with a mystery, per se, but keeping a secret is less interesting than spilling one. Over and over, All American goes for the less interesting story."

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