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Originally Posted by jeff1990
Hoping everyone had a good holiday. One of my goals for 2018 is to be able to track down these hard to find workprints and help people add to their collections. These workprints were around and circulating way back in the day and what I find funny is now they're hard to find. It gets annoying dealing with people who have rare stuff but refuse to trade. My goal is to help people out add to their collections and maybe unearth whatever rarity that was once out there to be found again. I mean hey, if a Scooby-Doo workprint can be found then surely, stuff like Holy Man & Crash can be found.
I think part of the problem is that many of these workprints were available as bootlegs at the time these movies were released and playing in theaters. Therefore, once a legitimate release was issued on VHS/DVD/etc. the workprint copies (which were usually terrible quality and often incomplete and had counters, property stamps, etc.) were no longer necessary and folks dumped them. Granted, some workprints had substantial differences from the theatrical release, and many of those have survived and are still being traded to this day. Or some movies have cult followings and the workprints are traded and lauded for the fact that they are so different.
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