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Originally Posted by mets82
I wasnt that keen on the post Richie era. It was ok. It was pretty obvious they tried to keep filling voids in. I mean Roger came in to replace Richie. Flip and K.C. came in to replace Joanie and Chacai. I dont know what Flip was there for. I will say the person who suffered the most, I think, was Potsie. The poor guy was hardly on after Richie and Ralph left. He could've been used more considering Richie and Ralph were gone.

Sometimes it worked better than others. The episodes where they had Roger, Potsie and Chachi as a new trio were fun. One of THE highlights of the show for longtime viewers IMO was we FINALLY more of Fonzie in action and saw why for years why he was so respected as a fighter. Most notably the one punch knockout in "Glove Story".
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