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I can remember seeing One Step Beyond on television during its original
run (under the title Alcoa Presents), way back in 1959 (I was twelve at
the time). It has often been compared to Rod Serling's Twilight Zone,
but it may surprise a lot of people that One Step Beyond actually pre-dates Twilight Zone by over eight months. Alcoa Presents (which
was re-titled One Step Beyond in syndication) premiered on ABC on
Jan. 20, 1959. Serling's classic show followed, on CBS, debuting on Oct. 2,
1959. It was, though, often (poorly) imitated and did influence many later
sci-fi shows. The two series were very similar. The former dealt with (in TV Guide's words) "paranormal tales, including ghosts, psychic phenomena
and alien abductions" while the latter is described as an "anthology of sci-fi,
suspense and goosebump-inducing tales" that were "filled with invention and
irony .. and frequently a terrific twist at the end." Now, after having had an
opportunity to see Serling's show--and although I still have fond memories of
the earlier show hosted by John Newland--I have to admit that, on the whole,
Twliight Zone is a notch better than its predecessor ... mainly because
the prolific Rod Serling penned most of the episodes himself. He was, simply, one of the best
television writers of all time.
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