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Default Re: "Paul Is Dead, Miss Him"

Originally posted by Steve M.
35 years ago this past Tuesday, October 12:

October 12, 1969. Just another Sunday in Detroit. Suddenly, in the middle of Russ Gibb's radio show on WKNR-FM, an anonymous caller urges Gibb to play cuts from the Beatles's White Album backwards and to listen carfeully to the fadeouts of other Beatles tunes. Gibb thinks he hears "I buried Paul" at the end of "Strawberry Fields Forever," and hears "Paul is dead, miss him, miss him" when he plays the end of "I'm So Tired" backwards. The voice uttering "number nine" on "Revolution 9" says "eh neon rebmun" backwards, but it sounds more like "Turn me on, dead man" to Gibb. The piano backing the voice at the beginning of "Revolution 9" takes on an eerie, funereal tone when played in reverse.

Soon, visual "clues" pop up in pictures, showing Paul McCartney in a casket-like trunk, Paul wearing a black lapel flower, Paul sitting behind a sign that says, "I WAS YOU. . . ."

The "Paul McCartney Is Dead" rumors have begun!
Tha was 35 years ago this week. I have a few Beatles albums like "Sgt. Pepper", "Magical Mystery Tour", "White Album" and "Abbey Road". I looked at the album covers and I played some of the elements about the Paul McCartney's death rumor. One of my favorite cuts from the "White Album" was "Revolution 9". I played it in reverse since I touched the label with my finger, as I know, I have a turntable and a the "White Album" on vinyl. That's where Paul McCartney's death rumor started 35 years ago this week.
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