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Unhappy Ron Lundy's Final Days

I must forgot to go back since I didn't post it for the last two days. It was September 13th also of 1997. Ron Lundy did his last Saturday show on WCBS-FM. Here are two parts of his last Saturday show. This is from Allen Sniffen's Musicradio 77 website:

In part 1: CBS-FM DJ Mike Fitzgerald introduces Ron's last Saturday show, Ron comments onhis "handsome" newsman, the special "top-of-the-hour last Saturday" intro, the trademark "Hello Love!" and Ron working his usual magic moving in and out of the songs. Ron is not the sentimental type but he acknowledges that he is leaving and speaks about it.

At WABC Ron had an engineer but at CBS-FM hedid all of his own broadwork. As our favorite WABC engineer Bill Epperhart pointed out, listen to the way he works the songs together.
Here is Part 1 of Ron's last Saturday show.

In part 2 of this show:

CBS-FM Program Director Joe McCoy (before Dave Logan took over in 2004) calls Ron on the telephone (and comments about how Ron's retirement was "all over the internet..."), a Cousin Brucie promo and Dan has been doing at the end of Ron's Saturday show for several years now. Ron speaks of his former WABC collegagues as "He" (Dan Ingram) and "Him" (Cousin Brucie).

Ron plays "Everybody's Talkin'" from the movie "Midnight Cowboy" WABC fans will remember that it was Ron's voice that it was used in that movie when John Voight and Dustin Hoffman arrive in New York and are listening to a transistor radio on the bus. Ron does not specifically mention this here, but this song has special meaning to him for that reason.

Ron has a wonderful one on one connection with his audience. No one on radio is more likeable. He has a very special rhythm which always comes through when he is on the air.

Notice also the Series #27 PAMS jingles made so famous by WABC that are being used on CBS-FM.
This is Part 2 of Ron's last Saturday show.

On this date, September 15th, 1997, Ron Lundy did his last four days of CBS-FM before he retires. Here is an aircheck of Monday show. Tomorrow will have more on Ron Lundy and his final days at CBS-FM.

(Airchecks are all courtesy of

NOTE: All airchecks are scoped
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