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Unhappy 5 Years ago, today

On this date, September 13th, 1999:

Radio station WNEW-FM concludes its broadcast day after 32 years as a progressive rock station since the station started back in 1967. The last song that was played was called "The End" by the Beatles, from the album "Abbey Road". The station had changed its format to a talk format. That lasted until 2003 before station changed again to Blink 102.7. That station also lasted more than 6 months until they made the change again to a Christmas format which lasted through the holidays and then, the station had changed once again to Mix 102.7 FM playing the best music ever. In May, the station shifted its format from AC to a classic dance station which it plays more rhythmic, featuring many of its great artists like Donna Summer, Barry White, Ricky Martin, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson and even today's artists like Beyonce and some many artists of today.
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