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Unhappy July 14th, 1978

Radio station KRIZ signed off the air at midnight. No music format has changed but the station went dead air the next morning. If you like to listen to the last hours of KRIZ, here is the link:

If you listen at the end of the aircheck, you'll hear Chucker Dean talking about a TV station in Phoenix called KOOL-TV, channel 10 in which they have shows like "All in the Family", "Hawaii Five-0", "Kojak", NFL football, "Rondia" and others shows including a movie that you've tuned in at 12:00 AM to watch the rest of the movie "Corbine Williams" with the late Jimmy Stewart. That movie was made in 1952 (I know that TCM will show it soon). The aircheck features the song by Douglass Alan David singing a special song called "Tonight's the Final Night". The song was edited because it was a scoped aircheck. The song would probably be a collector's item.
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