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Did anything funny happen? That is pretty funny. Every day was funny. Just hanging out with Fred Fox Jr was funny. Brian Levant.
Ron Leavitt. That was major funny. The commisary was funny because there were actors from all different shows dressed up in their wardrobe for the show. So you had vulcans and cowboys waiting in line for lunch. I always got a kick out of that. Happy Days was funny on Monday mornings when the had the reading.
It is the first time the actors read the new script for the following week and they have to read it cold. When there was a funny joke or a funny line and everyone cracked up laughing that was funny. When they didn't like something you would hear about it later.
Ron Howard was funny. I remember him laughing and having a good time more than anyone on the cast. At the moment I can't think of any specific funny incident though.
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