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Originally posted by Stormchaser KC
K. Good.

Now that that's settled, I want to tell you something really funny that happened earlier today.

Mom & I were on our way back from an errand & it wasn't raining, but it was nice and cool, so I had the window & the wing window opened in my mom's jeep. We drove under a freeway overpass and before I could do anything about it, I saw that the sprinkler that's supposed to be watering the trees by the freeway, was turned the wrong direction -- at the street -- and was heading towards our car (we were in the right lane and the sprinkler was one of those rotating ones). I couldn't roll up my window so we drove by it and it got me a little wet, but it got the windshield all wet. If I hadn't had that wing window opened & just had the regular one opened, I would've been drenched. I think I was laughing for 2 whole minutes after that one.
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