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Default This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman doesn't envision doing any spinoffs

Fogelman doesn't see himself as somebody like Greg Berlanti or Kenya Barris -- mega-producers who juggle numerous shows. He also doesn't see This Is Us becoming a spinoff. "The group of people that you see, you can feel when you come to these things even if we're completely insane and the show is no good you can feel how much the people who work on the show love the show, and I feel a responsibility as one of the leaders of it to end it properly, to do it properly, and walk away with it with no regrets that we understayed or overstayed," he tells The Hollywood Reporter. "So I really don't think about that at all. Yet. Really, I think it would be I'm not supposed to talk about it a lot but I have the plan and I know what we're going to do." ALSO: How When They See Us' Asante Blackk ended up on This Is Us.
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