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Originally Posted by alistaircranium View Post
Sorry to burst your bubble, but you thought wrong.

Ad-supported broadcast television will not be around in ten years. Streaming is the future. Netflix has over 200 million subscribers worldwide. A new version of Unsolved Mysteries on a broadcast network would be lucky to get 5 million viewers. The only people who still watch broadcast networks religiously are the old farts who watch those insipid CBS procedurals.
Well, I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but if you really think that UM doesn't need to be on television, then you're in the minority. And if you think that broadcast networks are only watched by "old farts," then you have been brainwashed into believing it. That being said, I do feel that UM doesn't have a chance of coming back to primetime television. I feel that If it were to come back as a first-run series on television, it would have to be through either syndication or cable (the former of which would be a better option IMHO).

There is no denying that primetime network viewership has been doing downhill in recent years. But cable and streamlining services are not the only reasons for it. Another is that there is so much trash on primetime that is being jammed down our throats.
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