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Originally Posted by antman67
I HATE it when the Happy Days writers DO NOT stick to their story or just simple do not KNOW or remember what they previously wrote about the MAIN characters.
They mentioned many times about Fonzies father leaving him but the age Fonz says when he left changes in several of the episodes.

Season 2 episode 26 - A star is bored (father left when he was 12 years old)
Season 3 episode 61 - Bringing Up Spike (Fonz on his own since he was 6)
Season 6 episode 16 - Christmas Time (Fonz had not seen since his father since he was 3 years old)
Season 8 Episode 21 - Mother And Child Reunion (father 2 years old, mother 4 years old)
Season 9 Episode 14 - Grandma Nussbaum (the woman raised Fonz for 10 years) so how old was Fonz when she took him in actually?
I edited and made these reference clips as EVIDENCE to prove I am right.

There was one more age reference where Fonz says his father left him a strong box, and the only thing that was in it was a key, and that was it. It took him 3 or 4 times to run over it with his tricycle to break open it. Anyone remember which Season or Episode this was? If so, I add it to the video clip.

Also, Fonz says his mom left him too, and he was raised by his grandma Nussbaum. So his grandma is his mothers mom, or his fathers mother?
And are we to believe he never asked his grandma what or why about his parents?
And his parents never looked back ever to reach out to Fonz?
I dunno, this gray area just bothers me. Right?
I can remember even as a kid watching Happy Days and recalling, the numbers don't match. RIGHT?

I am well aware of the existence of these inconsistencies. However, I have found inconsistencies in a lot of different shows that I have watched. I would say that the "Flintstones" is the worst offender in this department. I would put the "Golden Girls" in second place.
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